Genius Avenue connects consumers with benefits providers, enabling providers to reach their markets and maximize member lifetime value while empowering consumers to understand their benefit choices and access benefits the way they want.


The Genius Way

1. Discovery

We work with you to develop the administration and engagement solution that meets your specific needs.

2. Implementation

Your specific team executes the approved work plan, making sure the project is successfully implemented.

3. Administration

Our experienced team provides ongoing enrollment and administrative services, communicating with you in monthly activity reports.

4. Growth

Our industry and engagement experts provide tools and data to drive enrollment, retain members and increase sales.

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Genius Avenue’s ongoing engagement campaigns develop brand loyalty and increase re-enrollment rates. Monthly email drip campaigns are designed specifically for your benefit product, so they are always relevant, and build the relationship between product and member. Engaged consumers have re-enrollment rates that far exceed those of non-engaged consumers, and our benefits consumer behavior and UX experts ensure that campaign content and format match the behaviors, expectations and preferences of the benefits consumer.

Genius Avenue’s campaigns feature highly visual, interactive content designed to always leave the consumer with the feeling that they received something of value, without spending too much time on it or getting frustrated with cumbersome reading. Genius Avenue’s engagement services inspire upsell and re-enrollment, increase satisfaction with benefits choices overall, and reaffirm the consumer’s benefits purchase.

Average retention of members when using a multi-channel engagement strategy.


Genius Avenue is transforming the way benefit providers, insurance carriers, and program managers launch and administer their products and services. Our proprietary technology and administrative services are rooted in the insurance industry and have grown to become the most flexible in the industry. Learn how Genius Avenue will minimize the complexities of benefits administration.

Flexible to meet your needs

With an unmatched depth of configurable options, we have the freedom to build sites that are white labeled and have all the complex administrative functions for your products integrated on the back-end.

Secure and compliant

Our technology operates in compliance with HIPAA, GLB, PCI-DSS, and SSAE 16 standards. Data is transported via 256-bit SSL encrypted protocols, which means your information is safe and protected.


Genius Avenue provides you with advanced business intelligence so you can build brand loyalty, optimize your member lifetime value and adjust your market engagement approach, use targeted messaging to consumer segments and fully understand your members.

Genius Avenue Business Intelligence combines transactional data with behavioral analytics and external data so you can optimize your marketing strategies and drive business results.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business intelligence is delivered through our BI Dashboard, an easy-to-use, easy-to-access data visualization tool which helps you answer important business questions based on relevant data: Who are your members? What is their financial value? How do they react to retention campaigns? Do they “listen” to you on social media? Do they like background articles about your product or short videos?

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