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We simplify enrollment & administration, increase member engagement, and drive revenue.
Introducing GeniusBenefits:
Benefits for members, non-dues revenue for you.

Our off-the-shelf online benefits marketplace provides members access to the benefits they want, while giving your organization a mechanism to drive non-dues revenue and member retention.

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April 17, 2014
Improving employee engagement and retention with voluntary benefits
Find out how offering voluntary benefits can help get your employees engaged, and what benefits are in demand! Brought to you by NextPerks, our off-the-shelf benefit solution for employers made possible through our partnership with Wild at Work. Read entire article >

April 15, 2014
4 Best practices for engaging your members through social media
Many associations and member organizations are still treating social media as if it were a passing fad. Use these tips and tricks to help your organization gain a stronger social media presence. Read entire article >

About Genius Avenue

Genius Avenue enables organizations to achieve a significantly better bottom line through simplified enrollment and administration, improved member engagement, and empowerment programs to help drive revenue. Genius Avenue is the d/b/a name for DirectWeb Administrative Services LLC.

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